Den Leadership

Each den is led by an adult den leader and an assistant den leader, or a den may have two co-den leaders. They plan and carry out a year-round program of activities for the den. Lion and Tiger dens use a shared-leadership model, which means that the den leaders work with a different Lion/Tiger adult partner each month to plan the den’s program. This team hosts that month’s den meetings as well as the den’s part in the pack meeting.

In Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scout dens, the den leader works with an assistant den leader and, potentially, a den chief (an older Scout from a troop). The den may also elect a denner and an assistant denner, who are Cub Scouts in the den, to work with the den leader and den chief.

Also involved in Webelos Scout dens are adult leaders in a Scouts BSA troop who coordinate the use of troop resources to help prepare the Webelos Scouts and their parents or guardians for joining the troop.