Who is Pack 226?

Chartered by the Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church (Pumpkin Church), Cub Scout Pack 226 is a parent-led and volunteer-driven organization providing formative, age-appropriate experiences to boys in grades K-5. 

Through age specific Adventures all of our Pack and Den activities are designed to emphasize positive character development in the areas of citizenship, honesty, compassion and respect for self & others in a fun, cooperative environment.

Cub Scouts build character through hard work and dedication. Cub Scout activities are centered around earning  belt loops, pins, and badges that are specific to each school grade level. Advancement refers to the progress a Cub Scout makes toward their badge of rank.  All while learning to work as a team and the benefits of friendship.

Cub Scouting is fun for the whole family. 

In Scouting, boys start with their best right now selves and grow into their very best future selves. It’s fun, hands-on learning and achievement that puts kids in the middle of the action and prepares them for today – and for life.