Friends of Scouting Chair

Scouting requires local resources to support the program. Friends of Scouting is an annual program to educate families on how Scouting is financially supported by various sources, including the families that directly benefit from the program.

  • Build an organization to enroll family members and Cub Scout leaders in FOS.

  • Enroll as a Friend of Scouting.

  • For every five families in the pack, recruit one person as an enroller.

  • Attend an FOS kickoff meeting.

  • Enroll each enroller as a Friend of Scouting.

  • Train enrollers.

  • Conduct report meetings.

  • Follow up until all FOS cards have been accounted for.

  • Give recognition to contributors and enrollers.

  • Along with the pack committee, provide public relations for FOS.