The Den

The Cub Scout pack is divided by age groups into several smaller groups, called dens.

Most packs have a den for each grade level, while some have more than one—two Wolf dens, for example. Smaller packs may combine fourth- and fifth-graders into a single Webelos Scout den, while larger packs might have separate first- and second-year Webelos Scout dens.

Dens typically consist of six to eight boys or six to eight girls. The size and structure lets Cub Scouts build relationships with each other and with leaders. It gives them leadership opportunities and the chance to do activities that would be difficult with a larger group. Dens meet several times a month. Activities vary based on age.

Lions do activities with family members during den meetings that introduce them to the values of Cub Scouting. Lions work with adult partners—their parent or another caring adult—to complete activities that lead to the Lion rank. At the end of the school year, Lions in a den graduate and become a Tiger den.

Like Lions, Tigers do Cub Scouting activities together and work with adult partners. The Tiger den leader gives leadership to the Tiger den, with the assistance of the adult partners. Den meeting activities focus on completing adventures that are required to achieve the Tiger rank. At the end of the school year, Tigers graduate and become a Wolf den.

Wolves and Bears attend den meetings that are planned and run by an adult den leader with the help of an assistant den leader and often a den chief (an older Scout in a troop). They work on the adventure trails that are required for them to earn their specific rank advancements. This happens in the den meetings along with games, skits, and other activities. At the end of the second grade school year, Wolves become a Bear den. When Bears have completed the third grade, they become Webelos Scouts.

Webelos Scouts are focused on activities that prepare them to join a troop. They have opportunities for overnight campouts and joint activities with Scouts BSA troops. The Webelos rank is earned first, and then Webelos can work toward the highest rank in Cub Scouting, the Arrow of Light. If a child joins Cub Scouts as a fifth grader they may start working on Arrow of Light without earning the Webelos rank first.