The Denner and Assistant Denner

The denner position is for Wolf, Bear, and Webelos dens. The denner is a den member selected to be a youth leader for a short period of time—anywhere from one week to several months. It is a good practice for the den leader to rotate the position of denner throughout the den so that all Cub Scouts have the opportunity to experience the leadership position. The den leader and den chief determine the denner’s responsibilities, which might include leading the opening flag ceremony; helping to set up and clean up the den meeting place; helping with games, ceremonies, tricks, and puzzles; leading a song; or acting as den cheerleader. Denners should be given meaningful responsibilities and recognition to help them learn how to be leaders. The denner wears a shoulder cord on the left shoulder. Some dens also have assistant denners who assist the denner and may move up to the denner position after their term is over.